I’ve been browsing through some of my pictures from the last few months, and I realized that I haven’t posted quite a few from my endeavours as Miss Teen St. Albert.  There’s two things that you need to know about me before I even get started on posting pictures. 

  1. I love school.  Call me a nerd, a freak, or a brain-washed IB kid, but it doesn’t really phase me.  Staples is my playground.
  2. Right up there next to school, my family, and friends is concerts.  People always doubt the magic that happens at a concert, until they are in the position where they finally get to experience the kind of escape which sprouts from seeing their favorite band on stage and being able to sing the words of every song back.  Every lyric is a memory.  Every smile is a step forward.  And as the light falls down and you watch the crowd, the audience, and the crew bathe in it’s blue innocence, only one word comes to mind.  United.

Simple Plan

Vanessa Peynenburg and Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan

Simple Plan is a band that I grew up on.  I watched them emerge into stars whose music changed as I changed.  Unfortunately, they aren’t a band that comes to Edmonton very often, despite the fact that they are based in Canada.  Last year I flew out to Hershey and New York to see them perform on The Bamboozle Roadshow with my best friend.  Prior to that, the last time that I saw them was in 2008. 

It turned out that Simple Plan would be playing in Edmonton in June as a part of the welcome back party for Pepper and Dylan, two highly appreciated radio hosts in our city. There was only one issue at hand – you had to win to get in.  No tickets were to be sold.  Miraculously, I ended up being the right caller on my first try, scoring a spot on the guest list plus one. 

Last year, I was able to interview Pierre and Sebastien from Simple Plan while in New York.  However, I never got to formally meet the rest of the band.  On June 16th, 2011,

Sebastien Lefebvre

this dream became reality.  While speaking with Pierre, I was also able to initiate a new project which will be released soon on my blog.  I will be working in collaboration with the bands that I meet in order to create a campaign which is based on my platform.  This campaign will not stop once my reign is over.  As I continue to meet new people and hear new stories, I want to be able to share them with the public.  I would love to incorporate people from my everyday life as well, to show how eating disorders, problems with self-image, and definitions of beauty affect every individual in our lives.

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