Yesterday, (Sunday, May 13th) I had the opportunity to attend ‘Clean Up The Sturgeon River’, an exciting way to help the environment. At the event, there were 2 choices you could pick from. Picking up garbage was one of them, (with gloves, garbage bags supplied) and planting trees (River Edge Enhancement Project or R.E.E.P) was the other. You could also participate in both, which was what my family and I did.

The Sturgeon River is a 260 km long river located in St. Albert, Alberta. The Sturgeon River feeds into the North Saskatchewan River, and crosses Sturgeon County, which was named for the river.

 * The Sturgeon River, St. Albert, Alberta *

I started off by planting trees with my parents, and my younger brother, Kyle. After you plant a tree you got to put a tag on it, with your name/ family’s name engraved in it. This was so that people could come back and visit their tree whenever they wanted, which was great because my family goes biking near the planting site every summer.

* Me being directed on how to plant the trees, by a R.E.E.P Crew Member. *

My family and I were having a great time planting trees, and my Mum actually caught my Dad and brother playing instead of working!

* Kyle and Dad being silly, while I put the tree into the ground! *

My family took turns doing different jobs, like pouring the soil into the hole, and putting the wood chips on at the end. After a while we could tell that Kyle definitely liked the soil…

… and pouring it all over my legs…

We ended up planting 4 trees, 2 big and 2 smaller ones. I was glad that my family was having a fun time just like me, and we will definitely be visiting our trees soon!

After tree planting, we went to sign in at the garbage clean up. We received our complimentary t-shirts, gloves, and bags, and we set off. We walked down one of our usual bike trails, and we found quite a bit of garbage along the river edge. I find it upsetting that people decide to throw their garbage into the river, or on the ground, because they don’t seem to realize how they are destroying our beautiful city. I am very proud of the people who came to pick up the garbage, and wanted to make a difference.

* Garbage hunting *

The day was a great success, and I will surely be coming out next year to enjoy the sunshine, and the knowledge we are helping the environment.

*These were the t-shirts given to the people who helped out with garbage clean up.*

Thanks For Reading!

Chloe Fulton 🙂

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Wow you did a lot of hard work here, both at the event and on your blog! Great pictures though. You should work on formatting them better – align left or right – or click them at the corners and ‘drag them bigger’ so they fit the whole frame. Otherwise thanks for sharing and keep up the hard work.

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