Today I attended my 4th event since being crowned Miss Teen St. Albert – World 2012! The St. Albert Children’s Festival presented the 2nd Annual Butterfly Cupcake Challenge; where sponsors of the Festival compete in a fun, creative activity by decorating cupcakes, in hopes of winning the ‘Overall Cupcake Challenge Winner’! This year they also introduced a second award; the ‘Most Creative’ cupcakes. Both winning teams received a beautiful trophy.

The contest started at 11am, and all of the teams started creating their unique, and delicious cupcakes. At 11:30am the public was allowed to start voting for their favourites; which is a part of how the teams can win. I was asked to be a ‘Celebrity Judge’, and I excitedly accepted! I, along with Mayor Nolan Crouse, and Quinn Ohler (A reporter for Global Edmonton, and the Host of the Challenge) ranked the cupcakes, and then the public started purchasing the magnificent cupcakes. The public’s votes, the Judges votes, and the amount of money each team raised, was all put towards the teams’ scores.

(These were the Judging Cupcakes)


After the selling of the cupcakes, the 6 cupcakes from each team that were set aside for judging, were Auctioned off; and all of the proceeds are going towards the International Children’s Festival. The total amount was $1206.00 which was an amazing donation from the residents of St. Albert.

The Overall winning team was “St. Albert Centre“, (The mall where the challenge was held), and the ‘Most Creative’ award went to “Save On Foods”. Save on Foods had the cupcakes in an ice cream cone, with ice cream on top! They looked spectacular!

Quinn interviewed me about what I was looking for in a cupcake, and I said “The more toppings, the better!” I was very glad to have met Quinn, she is very sweet, and a great reporter!

Quinn Ohler, and me.

I also had the pleasure of taking some pictures with St. Albert’s Mayor, Nolan Crouse.

Overall, today was a fabulous today, I had so much fun. Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will be helping Clean Up The Sturgeon River!

Thanks for reading!

Chloe Fulton 🙂

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Thanks for this Chloe. Good pictures, good story. I like that first shot of the judges – I’d raise it up to sit under first paragraph. The lady on the left looks like she’s a lot of fun. I would have gone close on her, asked her to hold up a colourful cupcake, and then i’d make her laugh as I snap pictures. You can see that she’s a real character. Good work on adding Mayor Crouse and Quinn Ohler to the tags. Their names are no doubt popular keyword search targets. Overall great work – its a nice addition to your blog, and your legacy at 2012 Miss Teen St Albert.

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