I am writing this blog post to tell you all that I have a new sponsor! Jill Shantz, Owner of J Shantz Photography was very kind as to donate pictures to me to use on my Facebook page, Twitter, and here on my blog! She is an amazing photographer here in St. Albert, and I recommend her to everyone who is planning on getting pictures done for anything! I came to know Jill when I first needed 2 pictures, for the Provincial competition. I was looking around for a local photography studio, and I came across Jill’s website. When I saw her beautiful photo’s, I knew that I just had to go to her!!

Jill is a graduate of the U of A and NAIT, where she was formally trained in photography. Jill has been working in the industry since 1998, and has won a few awards. She is a member of the St Albert Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Studio Address: 102-200 Carnegie Dr St Albert, AB

Phone: 1 780.460.8690

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/JShantzPhotography

Twitter: @ShantzPhoto

 Two of Jill’s amazing photo’s!

So please make sure to check out her website, and Facebook, and go to her if you ever need pictures. I will definitely be going back to Jill!!

Thanks for reading!

– Chloe Fulton 🙂

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4 Responses to J Shantz Photography!

  1. Jill Shantz says:

    Thanks for the post Chloe! I wish you all the best.

  2. Chloe Fulton says:

    Thank you!

  3. Rob Campbell says:

    Yes well done. There isn’t much I would change or improve except a couple of things. You could add more text about Jill and how you came to know her ? and I’d like to see a picture of Jill Shantz taking pictures…? And one more thing – you could make the logo link to her business (by highlighting the graphic in the visual editor, and then clicking the link button and adding the URL – that would make the picture link to the URL) Then it would be perfect post.

    • Rob Campbell says:

      oh and I’d eliminate the ‘Hi Everyone’ up top. These are not letters or Facebook status updates – but rather we are striving for magazine quality journalism.

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