Check out the new contests on Lenzr for a chance to win some great prizes. Lenzr is known for their fun contests because they are challenging and creative. Give them a glance; maybe they will spark your photography side.  These contests are open to the general public, meaning that you don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to win one of these prizes.  Lenzr is all about capturing life’s moments in a beautiful form, or even using existing photos that you may have which meet the criteria of one of many of their contests.

Fireplaces and Furnaces:

The first contest is called Fireplaces and Furnaces. The idea is to take pictures of you getting all cozy in front of a fireplace. Show Lenzr how you plan to keep warm this winter and how prepared for the season you are. While you may not fancy the idea of even taking a glance at your fireplace, this contest will make it all worth it.  The picture must be taken indoors and it has to be in front of a fireplace or furnace. The winner will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an Ontario furnace installer. The summer season is the best time to get great deals on furnace replacement or installation.

Toronto Tourist Attractions:

Another photo contest on Lenzr is Toronto Tourist Attractions. Think of your favorite Toronto spot, take an image of it and send it to Lenzr. Canada’s largest city has so much to offer, so show it off. The winning photo should look like the kind of image you would see in a travel magazine. The winner of this contest will receive an inflatable boat courtesy of a Toronto bed and breakfast. Relax in the heart of the city and let your troubles float away.

Haircuts and Hair Styles:

The next photo contest is all about hair. Snap a picture of your favorite Haircuts and Hairstyles, and send it to Lenzr for a chance to win a professional blow dryer and flat iron. The prize is courtesy of a Yorkville Salon. Your hair has to be the focus of the picture. Do you love big curls, high lights or up do’s? Well show it off on Lenzr by submitting your photo to the contest.

Objects in Motion:

This is the hardest photo contest of them all. To get the winning shot, you will need to be patient and creative. The Objects in Motion photo contest wants participant to submit images of an object (or person or animal) in motion; be sure your photograph illustrates which direction the movement is heading. The winner of this contest will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an air freight company known for their quality and great service. They are is constantly keeping objects in motion over land, sea and sky.   Be sure to enter your photographs before August 25th. Judges will deliberate and choose the photograph from the top ten. The winner will be announced on September 1st.

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