The MTC-W pageant week was something of which I will never forget! From the minute I arrived in Toronto, until the day I left, the time was jam packed with amazing activities, and experiences. The MTCW 12 Delegates were on Breakfast Television, New Music Live, went to the CN Tower, Frankie Tomatto’s Restaurant, the Distillery District, the Eaton Centre (who generously donated $50 gift cards to all of the girls!) and many more amazing places!

Megha Sandu, of Quebec was crowned Miss Teen Canada – World 2012 on July 21st 2012. Although I did not get to know Megha that well, I know that she will do our country proud, with her warm heart, big smile, and her talent of being a Comedian!

The St. Albert Leader asked to do an article about my week in Toronto, which you can find here. This article may answer any questions you had about the pageant experience.

My Official Photo Shoot Picture!


My 2 favourite things we did during the MTC-W week was the Photoshoot, and the Talent Gala. The photoshoot pictures are used in the Program Book, and the Finalist Pages.

The Talent Gala was on Friday, July 20th.

The girls who performed were so amazingly talented!! We had singers, dancers, a comedian (Megha Sandu!), and even a contortionist (Nichelle Thomson – Winner of the Talent Award!).

3 Alberta Girls 🙂 (Chloe Fulton, Gina Omilon, Lindsay Fraughton)

Here is a pic of Miss Teen Red Deer – World; Gina Omilon, Lindsay Fraughton; Miss Teen Alberta – World and I before the Talent Gala!


Kirsten Collins; Ready to sing!



Kelsey Bryant; Ready to dance!




All in all, the Miss Teen Canada – World competition was an amazing experience, and although I did not win, or make it into the top 20, I know that I did my absolute best, and Iwish all of the delegates the best of luck in the future! Congratulations to Megha Sandu, go out into the world, and make a difference!

But don’t think that you have heard the last from me! I still have until next March (Or until the 2013 Miss Teen Alberta pageant) to blog, attend events, and make a difference in my community. So you will be hearing from me very soon, I wouldn’t want to keep you out of my crazy life!!

Besides, who's more crazy than me 😉





I would  like to Thank all of the sponsors of the MTC-W competition, including the ones who supplied items for the AMAZING gift bags we received on Friday, July 20th!

Thanks to Christi, Chris, Hazel, and Darlene, for putting up with 62 girls for a week, and taking us to the bathroom every half an hour!!

Thanks to Shawn Cuffie, for being an amazing choreographer, and making sure we knew how to make straight lines!

A big thanks to all of my family and friends, for believing in me, and helping me however they could.

Especially thanks to Michelle Weswaldi,

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