It has been just shy of 2 months since I was in Toronto, at the Miss Teen Canada – World competition, and I miss all of the girls so much!

On September 4th I started Grade 9, and having just finished my second week, I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a good year!

There are a few videos from MTC-W’s YouTube account that I would like you to see, as they include fun moments from the pageant week:

Community Events: This video is a collection of pictures of all the delegates doing things in their community.

Pageant Week Summary: Here’s a video of everything we did during the exciting week.

Which Celebrity Would You Date?: The delegates tell the camera which famous person they would like to date!

MTC-W ’12 Sponsors Video: A video to thank all of the sponsors of the MTC-W competition.

Also I’d like to thank High NRG Ladies Health and Fitness, they have extended my membership, and I couldn’t be happier! I now also take Zumba classes at High NRG with my Mum, and we both love it! Zumba is a super fun way to stay active!

That’s all for my September update!

Thanks for reading,

‘Till next time,

Chloe Fulton 🙂 <3

Photo Cred to Gina Omilon - Miss Teen Red Deer!



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