There are many people in the world, who want to get involved and make a difference. The problem is, they don’t know where to start. ”Let’s Talk!” Hosted by Chloe Fulton, introduces a new issue/problem in society each episode, and information on how YOU can help.

The ''Oprah Winfrey Network''

The Oprah Winfrey Network is proud to bring you: ”Let’s Talk!” What better network to present this amazing new talk show, than the Queen of Talk Show’s herself! Tune in to OWN every Tuesday at 8pm MST to see “Let’s Talk”.


Each episode features a new issue in society, and Chloe Fulton talks to special guests, audience members, and discusses how you can get involved with the cause. Special guests brought onto the show will be relevant to the issue, and will share their time with Chloe talking about how they are improving the issue, and how others can get involved. The special guests can be members of an organization involved with the issue, people who have been affected by the issue etc. For example if the topic was ‘Children’s Poverty’, Craig Kielburger, founder of Free The Children would be the perfect special guest. Craig and Chloe would discuss things like, how Free The Children started, how it has affected his life, and what his goal for the organization is.


”Let’s Talk” has 2 main sponsors, who help fund the talk show. These 2 sponsors are Burman Books, and Me to We Style. When creating the show, Chloe Fulton specifically chose these sponsors, for various reasons.

This company was chosen because they produce ‘motivational and self help books’. This would be a perfect company to discuss on an episode with the topic: “Self-Esteem”. Reading is also something that Chloe promotes in her everyday life, and having a book company sponsor her talk show is another helpful way to spread the word about reading.

“50 per cent of our profit goes to our charity partner, Free The Children, to support development projects in rural and impoverished areas across the globe.” *An excerpt from the Me To We Style website.* Me To We Style is partners with “Free The Children”, a charity which is mentioned many times on “Let’s Talk”. Chloe would wear Me To We Style’s clothing on the show, to promote that she supports this charity, and its partners.

Let’s Talk – Promotional Poster: 

Here is the promotional poster for the T.V Show, “Let’s Talk”. On the right hand side, there is a column with clip art of possible “Let’s Talk” episode topics. (Illiteracy, Global Warming, Poverty, Bullying)

At the top of the poster, I chose to write the quote: “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.” spoken by Tony Robbins; motivational speaker, and self-help author. Being a self-help author, Tony Robins has a lot in common with Burman Books Chief Executive Officer, Sanjay Burman, as they both dedicate their time to helping people. The quote also ties in with the main idea of “Let’s Talk”, being that we are identifying problems in society, and using time wisely to solve them.

When presented with this challenge (A project for Miss Teen Canada – World that we are being marked on) I immediately thought of a Talk Show. Seeing famous women like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah, I had always dreamed of being as influential and inspiring as them. Being able to host a show like “Let’s Talk” in real life, would be unbelievable, it would be an amazing experience, a way to spread the word about whatever topic I wish. I never imagined that I would be Miss Teen St. Albert, so maybe one day, you’ll turn your T.V on (assuming that in the future, T.V’s would still be used) and see me, Chloe Fulton sitting on a couch, next to Taylor Swift, talking about her involvement with the Tug McGraw Foundation

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment below with your feedback on my ‘Dream TV Show!’ I’d love to hear what you think of it!

– Chloe Fulton 🙂

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