July 14th 2012 – The first day of the Miss Teen Canada – World competition week, and I started my day bright and early, (at 2am to be exact!) to get to the airport for my 7am flight!

Now for what you have been waiting for 🙂 VOTING! The delegate with the most votes receives the `People`s Choice Award`, which gives them a fast track into the Top 20!! I would be overjoyed if you would all follow the steps to voting for me!! Thank you so much!

First start by clicking this link: http://www.missteencanadaworld.com/mtcw-finals/finalist-details?id=77796

Scroll down until you find the grey box on the right, which says `Please enter your email address`, fill it in, then click vote. You will then be told that you are not registered, click`register`, then fill in the small form and click submit. After this, check your email for a link to verify the info. You will then be given further instructions, which include going back to the original link, and typing in your now registered email, and clicking vote!

Thank you so much for everything, I hope you continue to read my posts so that you can enjoy this week with me!

– Chloe Fulton 🙂





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